Here’s what some of our clients and fans have to say.

Manager, Putney Inn, Putney,Vermont

Tue, Sep. 2 2008

“We’ve seen a lot of bands come and go over the years, and you guys are the best band we’ve ever had! Many of the Inn’s guests who weren’t part of the wedding party were inquiring about you. Make sure you leave us some cards.”

Keith Ferguson, groom

Sun, May. 25 2008

Swing Cafe sounded and acted like professionals. Not only was the sound and energy out-of-sight, but all of our guests loved them, young and old. I’d never get married without Swing Cafe!

Joe Solomon, Jenn Doyle, Wedding Couple

Sat, May. 17 2008

You knocked everybody out! All of our friends have told us what a great choice we made in picking you guys for our reception! Thanks again!

Lia Yang and Steve Hartov, Wedding Couple

Mon, Oct. 8 2007

You guys are incredible ! Your show totally made our party! Thank you so much!

Emerson Umbrella for the Arts, Concord, MA

Wed, Sep. 13 2006

“Swing Cafe get the audience’s toes tapping right away and brought smiles all around. The harmonies are great and the grooves were infectious. You guys did a great job !

Scupper Jack’s, Acton MA

Sun, May. 21 2006

” Swing Cafe has been our most popular band. We always get lots of positive comments from the audience”

F.O. proud mother, Stowe, MA

Wed, Mar. 29 2006

“We took a risk having a swing band play at our daughter’s Bat Mitzvah, but the kids really liked you, and the grown-ups loved dancing to those great old songs”

CJ’s Steakloft, Northboro, MA

Fri, Jun. 10 2005

“You guys are fantastic! People have been asking me when you’ll be back.”

J. Geils

Sun, Feb. 15 2004

“I loved the album! Love those sweet old tunes! Great playing on that mando..”

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